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Welcome To My World of Natural Relaxation and Healing!

My Name is Dominique Nicole Wright and I am the creator of"The Wright Relief".I spent the past ten years of my life working my way up the corporate ladder. In these years, I made that company millions of dollars. With having such ambition, the world sometime began to weigh heavy. After a long day of stressful work, a nice bath with the right soap is rejuvenating. So I began to try many natural claimed remedies to help relieve the stress. I tried different oils, crèmes and soaps, but none of these products seemed to soothe the two most important things; my physical and mental. This my soaps were BORN. With the use of Natural Herbs and a combination of doTERRA Essential oils, I was able to create that satisfaction I so long for, because we all know that bath time is very important to a person, hence giving " The Wright Relief "!

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